Monday, May 02, 2005



Easter 2006.
Panamanians are friendly and Panama is best described as a place to see if you don't have much else to do. The famous Panama Hat is actually made in Ecuador. Panama is extremely religious and so is closed on Easter friday.

The highlight was the impressive hotel that was very modern in design and very old fashioned in service.

The canal is "the eighth wonder of the modern world" and is most certainly a handy wee short cut. It costs a cargo ship around $120,000 to pass. Just a (much) bigger version of Telford's Caledonian.

Panama city is a mixture of American in the new part and Cuban in the old part. If you want American, then go to America (Lara was most disappointed with the shopping). If you want some culture, go to Cuba. The countryside is fairly standard green with the exception of the roads which are used for rubbish disposal and the beaches which are filthy from ocean traffic and the open sewers.

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